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Comics Riot

An occasionally queer take on comics by a transfeminist nerdgirl.
Jul 10 '12

I’m really excited about Monkeybrain Comics. After his recent break with DC, it’s great to see Chris Roberson doing his own thing, and offering other creators a place to do their own thing as well. More than that, though, the books are just really appealing. I read the synopses and thought, “I want to read almost all of these.” Now I have read four of them, and my excitement continues. Bandette is a sort of French New Wave criminal superheroine, which I’m all about, and the Coover/Tobin team is always charming. Edison Rex is basically a riff on Lex Luthor getting called on his shit. I don’t want to say more than that, but I’m really excited for future issues. October Girl's first chapter is a little slight, but well-realized. Amelia Cole and the Unknown World isn’t quite as up my alley as I was hoping for (I admit, I was thinking of the synopsis of the as-yet unreleased Wander when I decided to buy it), but D.J. Kirkbride’s art has a lovely P. Craig Russell-ness to it, which I enjoy.

Also, has anybody noticed that the majority of the released and announced books have female protagonists, with several female creators involved too? That’s pretty cool.

All of these books are available on Comixology, and some of them (including my two favorites, Bandette and Edison Rex) are 99 cents, so you don’t have much of an excuse not to be reading them.

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